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Welcome to the biophilosophy website.
I am a philosopher of science based at the University of Guelph. Here you will find information about my research, teaching and other interests. 

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On the CBC Quirks and Quarks show talking octopus behaviour

Recent article
Causal role myopia and the functional investigation of junk DNA

Biology and Philosophy (2022)
Recent article

Breaking news from genome-level ecology: not everything that is a Darwinian Individual should be scientifically regarded as such.

Azimuth: Darwin's Tangled Legacy: Evolutionary Perspectives in Contemporary Thought (2022)
Recent encyclopedia entry

The distinction between innate and acquired characteristics
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2022)

Recent article

Transposon dynamics and the epigenetic switch hypothesis

Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics (2021)

Recent collaboration

Transposable element persistence via potential genome-level ecosystem engineering

BMC Genomics (2020)
Recent article

Two (and a half) arguments for conserving biodiversity on aesthetic grounds

Biology & Philosophy (2020)

Speaking with Kelly Jones (then of CFRU Radio) about fish farms, First Nations, and field philosophy.


Me and Peter Godfrey-Smith on Discovery Channel talking about octopus behaviour.
(video from 2017).